Making-ofs, remakes & critiques

Making-of: The Eurosearch Song Contest

My collaboration with Google News Lab

Malofiej25: the awards

The full list of online medal winners

Papers, screens and goggles

My contribution to the 25th anniversary Malofiej book

My tribute to Hans Rosling

Thank you for everything, professor

Magic in Graphs

An ode to charts, from 1939

Who should tell the data stories?

Data publishers and media clash for readers attention

The list of 2016 visualization lists

Which ones did I forget?

The charts of 2016

The big events and trends of the year, captured in charts

Moving on

I'm going freelance

How I built a scraper to measure activity of MPs

From a scraper to a scatter plot in the newspaper

Redesign: Small multiple bars to slopegraph

Comparing two moments in time

The Dataviz Olympics

The 39 disciplines of the visualization designer

The painful birth of the Rio Olympic Park

Making-of with Google Earth Pro, Imagemagick and AI2html

Speaking at Dataharvest 2016

Slides for 'Introducing Rock 'n Poll' and 'Xenographics'

Zoomable scatter: cancer prevalence and survival rates

Making of a zoomable scatterplot in D3.js

Making-of: How expensive is your neighbourhood

A real estate price map for the +19.000 neighbourhoods of Belgium

Introducing: Rock 'n Poll

A visual and interactive explainer on polling

Malofiej24: The Awards

The full list of online medal winners

Video: How Belgium is heating up, a making-of

Short talk at a Meetup of the Datascience Community Belgium

How-to: Interaction tracking for your interactives

Let Google Analytics tell you what your users do

The 2015 list of visualization lists

The crème de la crème of 2015

Interactive strip plots for visualizing demographics

Making of with D3.js

Why you shouldn't use Infogram

A critique on 'viz-in-5-minutes' tools

Making-of: the 200+ beer brands of SAB InBev

A hoverable circular dendrogram

How to release numbers to the press

Or: what (data) journalists want

Making-of: the counting treemap

Or: make abstract numbers graspable

The favorite visualizations of Alberto Cairo

Part III of my interview with AC

Alberto Cairo: 'Make it visual and people will understand'

Part II of my interview with AC

Alberto Cairo: 'Journalism is not a profession'

To the point: 7 reasons you should use dot graphs

Small shapes, big potential

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