The list of 2018 visualization lists

December 31, 2018

Officially a yearly habit now: the the list of visualization lists. So here is my list of visualisations, charts, graphics, maps, satellite journalism and science photography lists, version 2018.

Stories, Charts and Maps

@FlowingData: Best Data Visualization Projects of 2018

@ReutersGraphics: The Reuters graphics department takes a lookback at a year’s worth of work

@FiveThirtyEight: The 45 Best — And Weirdest — Charts We Made In 2018

@GuardianVisuals: 18 for 2018: a thread of our biggest projects of the year 📷 🌍 📈

@SCMPGraphics: 2018 in visuals: South China Morning Post’s infographic highlights

@qz: The best data visualization in 2018, according to data visualization experts

@HackAStory: The 40 best digital stories of 2018 listed for you by Hackastory

@EconDailyCharts: The 2018 Daily Chart advent calendar

@visualisingdata: 6 monthly reviews of the best of data visualisation

January to June (we are all waiting for the July to December post to be published).

@ftdata: Charts of the Year 2018: our writers’ picks

@WSJGraphics: The Year in Graphics 2018

@NatGeo: National Geographic’s best stories of 2018

@NatGeo: Our most memorable maps and graphics from 2018

@Carto: 20 Of The Most Clicked Location Intelligence Stories of 2018

@kennethfield: Favourite maps from 2018

@BBGVisualData: 2018 in Graphics

@sophie_sparkes: Dataviz ideas sparking things of in 2018

@PostGraphics: 2018: Big projects, small details

@AxiosVisuals: Our favorite data viz projects of 2018

@tableaupublic: 2018 #VizInReview: The year in Viz of the Days

@PewResearch: 18 striking findings from 2018

@NYTGraphics: 2018: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics

@NYTClimate: The year in climate change

@WorldBankData: Year in Review: 2018 in 14 Charts

@oranacreative: The 25 Best Data Visualizations of 2018


@infobeautyaward: Information is Beautiful Awards Shortlist 2018

Satellite imagery

@PlanetLabs: 2018 Newsworthy Events Seen From Space

@DigitalGlobe: 12 Ways the World Changed in 2018

@Pierre_Markuse: Taking a look back at a few of the satellite images of 2018

Science images

@Nature: Our favorite science photos of 2018

@ScienceMagazine: Our favorite science photos of 2018


@NYTimes: The Year in Illustration 2018

@WaPoDesign: 2018: A portfolio of illustrations