The Sustainable Development Goals Atlas 2020

17 visualization heavy data stories

Visualizing a genome collection with CactusTrees

44.435 microbes in one viz

Spinning globe and slippy maps for VanderSat

Satellite data with on-brand color palettes

Building the Reuters Polling Explorer

A Chart Management System for polling data

Look-through history map of Flanders

Comparing historical aerial imagery to today

Eurosearch Song Contest 2019

Predicting Eurosong with Google searches

Why Budapest, Warsaw, and Lithuania split themselves in two

Animated explainer on EU regions and regional funding on The Pudding

Animated treemap and module to compare menus

Interactive graphics for the Dutch Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving

Statbel Junior

A tool for children and their teachers to become familiar with the figures and concepts of public statistics

The Eurosearch Song Contest

A simulation of the Eurovision Song Contest voting based on Google searches proved quite accurate. In collaboration with Google News lab

Rock 'n Poll

An interactive that tells the story of PollLand. Explains the statistics and uncertanty in polling visually and animated, without using a single statistical formula

Lazy MP's

The president of the Flemish parliament stated that 'some MP's are doing nothing in parliament'. I scraped the numbers and identified the busy bees and the lazy MP's

How expensive is your neighbourhood?

Enter your (Belgian) home address and check if you live in a neighboorhoud with higher or lower real estate prices

Spider web of Belgian listed companies

How the 126 Belgian listed companies are connected through their members of the board

How Belgians commute

Every Belgian commute on 1 map

How Belgium is heating up

This chart shows how monthly average temperatures are rising in Belgium are rising, in 9 steps

Weather Browser

Prize winning weather visualization

Flemish exports in real time

A counting treemap

The 200+ brands of SAB Inbev

An interactive radial treemap

Interactive strip plots

Visualizing demographics

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