Speaking at Dataharvest 2016

June 05, 2016

Last weekend, I attended Dataharvest, also known as the European Investigative Journalism Conference, held this year in the beautiful city of Mechelen.


Dataharvest has grown substantially over the past years and is now the reference conference for investigative journalism in Europe, with 4 days packed with technical sessions (Excel, R, Python or SQL, anyone?), sessions on much needed cross border journalism (Panama Papers, anyone?), much more and 330 attendees from all over Europe and the globe.

I was given two 1 hour slots in the programme to talk about data visualization. I decided to talk about explorable explantions, higlighting my Rock 'n Poll, and about lesser known chart types. Below, you find the slides of both of my talks. They don't contain a lot of text, but I guess you can figure out my main message. And what's more important: they contain links to a lot of examples, tutorials and readings.

So, here you go:

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks: just ping me @maartenzam.